The Galley
 Saturday 21st September, 2019
 8:00pm | Session Trail
Price: FREE

Bouts are Barry Bracken (singer and guitars), Daniel Flynn (drums, percussion), Colin Boylan (guitar and keys) and Niall Jackson (bass, vocals).


Formed in 2011, Irish indie-rock quartet have grown musically and personally over the last eight years and are now making the most fulfilling music of their lives. It’s been quite a journey. In Summer 2014, a year after the release of their debut album, Nothing Good Gets Away, and a frenetic early period of activity, lead singer Bracken relocated to Asia, while their bassist Jackson, moved to the UK. With only two members remaining in Ireland, they still found a way to keep writing, recording and releasing music through 2015 and 2016. This harmony brought the group closer together as friends and resulted in a richer, more focused melody driven guitar-pop. They have been championed by BBC’s  Lauren Laverne, Phily Taggart & Stephen McCauley. They’ve shared stages with Cloud Nothings, Yuck and Johnny Marr among others, and graced many the festival stage around the world along the way. Now based between Dublin, London and Amsterdam, the band include Built to Spill, The Breeders, The Cribs, Dinosaur Jr., Grandaddy, Pavement, Pixies, Death Cab for Cutie and (early!) Weezer amongst their influences. This lineage leads directly into the new Bouts record which has been recorded over the course of the last two years in London, Dublin and the west of Ireland. Their contagious take on indie-rock is ready to continue to impress again in 2019 as they return to festival circuit after almost 5 years with appearances at Knockan Stockan – Wicklow (July)  and Stendhal festival – Derry (August) in Ireland. 


What they say;

 “It’s as cathartic as it is exciting, brimming with indie dancefloor elegance and pummelling exhilaration” – The Line of the Best Fit 

“An earworming masterstroke from the re-emerging four-piece… more potent and unapologetically unabashed than ever.” – Drowned in Sound

“More infectious than a virus in a horror B-movie” – Phily Taggart, BBC Radio 1

“Tuneful indie-pop sound, all smooth chord progressions and catchy hooks.” –The Guardian

“Uber infectious, tuneful slacker rock” – The Irish Times

 “The band’s sound embodies the vibrancy akin to that contained within a bag of Skittles – colourful and leaving you wanting more when you reach the end.” – Zara Hedderman, Totally Dublin