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 O Donovans Hotel
 Friday 20th September, 2019
 7:00pm | Acoustic Forum

 Sunday 22nd September, 2019


Lau Noah’s musical tapestry is a conversation between masterful storytelling, intertwined cultures and a limitless sense of imagination that provide the audience with the capacity to time- travel between their child self and the being they will become when the last song of the show comes to an end.

Noah (1994) moved to NY at 19 years old not to pursue a musical career but to pursue the stories that come along with the difficulties and wonders of a life in a big tough city like NY.
But after her unintentional discovery of the Spanish guitar three years ago and her unschooled approach, Noah started writing songs in Catalan, Spanish, Hebrew and English that proved to touch a mostly english speaking audience beyond language barriers.

Noah has recently recorded with acclaimed producer and musician Blake Mills what will be her first documented solo work.

“Lau Noah is enchanting music lovers one song at a time” Billboard Magazine