Rostislav Mazurkevich

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 ETB Western Road
 Friday 22nd September, 2023
 7:00pm | Session Trail

 Saturday 23rd September, 2023

Rostislav Mazurkevich is a Ukrainian songwriter, singer and guitarist from Odessa. A young and talented bard with a piercing voice, gentle romantic ballads and exciting rock and roll songs.

This is a turning point in my life: I am 30 years old, and despite the songwriting experience during 10 years, I did not dare to release my songs, was constantly looking for suitable musicians, arrangers, moving from city to city, writing hundreds of different songs, even selling songs for other singers…

And at some point I realized that the matter was not in the shell, but in myself, in my soul and in the desire to speak honestly through my poetry and music. Performing and releasing songs with just the guitar is an ancient minstrel magic that will always be coveted by the people. This year I will fulfill my dream and the dream of those who have been waiting for my music for years. In autumn I will release my first album.

Thanks to the festival for the trust, it is exciting to be in the company of amazing musicians”