2022 Timetable

The 2022 timetable is taking shape. Check in here regularly for updates. All times subject to change


Reverb 2022

‘Reverb’ is a community outreach programme that runs in parallel with the Clonakilty International Guitar Festival, and it ensures that
the effects of the festival are experienced by as diverse a selection of our community as possible.

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Thursday 15th


2pm Biodiversity Park Reverb – Dominic Whelton Free
7pm Shanleys Anna Tivel Free
9pm DeBarras Folk Club Andy Irvine €20

Friday 16th


09:30am Community College Green Festival talk not open to public
12noon Emmett Square Farmers Market ‘Go Green Gig’ Mystery Guest

Go Green Gig

as part of CIGF22 participation in Cork County Council’s Green Pilot Festival Scheme a new ‘waste system’ will be provided in the Farmers market for our Go Green Gig!  new signage and invigilators will be onhand to  encourage everyone to dispose of their food and packaging in a more responsible way

5pm Astna Square Guitartown Ballad Tour Free limited numbers
6pm DeBarras Folk Club KIT Free
7pm Scoil na mBuachaillí  Acoustic Forum feat. George Lowden, Andy Irvine Marisa Anderson, Kris Drever, Molly O’Mahony Tickets HERE! €10
7:30pm Caseys H.A.R.P Free
8pm Shanleys Merpire Free
9pm Scannells Eve Clague & Band Free
9:30pm Fahys Dankenstoned’s Bongster Free
9:30pm Shanleys Bill Shanley & Band with mystery guest Free
10pm  The Courtyard Eugene Brosnan Band Free
11pm  DeBarras Folk Club Enola Gay Free


Saturday 17th

11am Playground next to Scoil na mBuachaillí Reverb – Fir Beag Free Fundraiser for Playground
12noon Astna Square Reverb -Guitartown Ballad Tour Free limited numbers
12noon Shanleys Reverb – George Lowden Guitar Clinic – Getting the most from your acoustic Free
1pm DeBarras Folk Club Marisa Anderson Free
1pm The Shack, 10 Astna St, P85 R580 Reverb – Sister Ghost Zone Workshop Free
2pm Shanleys Molly O’Mahony Free
2 (ish) MJ O’Neills Butcher Mystery Guest Free
2:30pm Astna Square Reverb -Guitartown Ballad Tour Free limited numbers
3pm DeBarras Folk Club Kris Drever Free
3:30 Grow Yoga Studio, Harte’s Courtyard AnTara Free
4pm Astna Square Ringo Music Bingo Free
4pm O’Donovan’s Hotel Bistro Garden The Brothers Clague Free
4 ish onwards Could be anywhere!! The Jam Van Free
4:30pm Fiddlers Green Andrew Whelton Free
5pm DeBarras Folk Club Gerron Free
5:30pm Shanleys Eoin O’Sullivan Free
6pm Scannells k3:lu Free
6pm Caseys Rawney Free
7pm DeBarras Folk Club Sister Ghost Free
7:30pm Shanleys Michael McGovern Free
7:30pm Con & Mauras David O’Sullivan Free
7:30pm O’Briens Blue Roses Free
8pm The Emmet Hotel Sun Room Sam Clague Free
8:30pm Fahys Heart Shaped Free
9pm DeBarras Folk Club SWEETS Free
9pm Scannells Strange Angels Free
9pm The Brewery Bar The Céilí Allstars Free
9:30pm Shanleys Bill Shanley & Band with guest Frank McHale Free
10pm Mick Finns The Lysdexic Quartet Free
10pm The Courtyard Ursidae Free
11pm DeBarras Folk Club Post Punk Podge & The Techno-Hippies Free


Sunday 18th


11am Chateaulin park, College Rd. (Behind Tourist Office) Reverb – Stop, Look, Listen Free 
12noon O’Donovans Hotel Les SalAmandas Free
1pm DeBarras Folk Club Sparbridge Free
1:30pm Astna Square Reverb -GuitarTown Ballad Tours Free limited numbers
2pm Shanleys Molly Buchan Free
3pm DeBarras Folk Club Q.U.I.E.T. Free
4pm Scannells The Church Free
4:30pm Shanleys Darragh Lynch & Seán Fitzgerald  Free
5pm Clonakilty Resource Centre, Western Road Reverb – John Spillane Songwriting Workshop €10
5:30pm Con & Mauras ADT & Justin Grounds Free
6pm DeBarras Folk Club Robocobra Quartet Free
6:30pm GG’s Gin Bar McHale’s Permanent Brew Free
6:30pm The Emmett Hotel Sun Room Wayward Folk Free
7pm O’Briens David O’Sullivan Free
7pm The Courtyard John Spillane Free
8pm Shanleys Míde Houlihan Free
8pm Fahys The Shaker Hymn Free
9pm DeBarras Folk Club The Bones Below Free
9:30pm Mick Finn’s H.A.R.P. Free
9:30pm Shanleys Bill Shanley & Band  Free
10:30pm DeBarras Folk Club The Deadlians Free