Rude Mood

 The Courtyard
 Saturday 22nd September, 2018
 10:30pm | Session Trail
‘Rude Mood’ are a tribute band to the late Texas guitarist, ‘Stevie Ray Vaughan.’
The tribute band was originally a three piece  from West Cork/Ballincollig, but soon became a bigger ensemble of nine.
Now with more guitars, a full brass section, more rhythm and timbre, this band is a real force to be reckoned with.
Covering all tunes from his classics to B Sides, ‘Pride and Joy,’ & ‘Crossfire’ to ‘Life Without You’ & ‘Texas Flood.’ The band is fun and entertaining.
Stevie was hugely influenced by Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Wonder, tunes such as Voodoo Chile, Hey Joe and Superstition have many flavours of Stevie’s approach to guitar.

                     || Featuring ||

Aaron O’Sullivan on Guitar and Vocals

Matthew McCarthy on Guitar

David Christy Jones on Bass

Adhamh O’Leary on Drums

Joe Keniry on Percussion

Emily Naughton on Keys

Mike Russel on Trumpet

Aaron O’Donovan on Trombone

Liam O’Brien on Saxophone.