Internet Scam claiming to be from Clon Guitarfest


its been brought to our attention that the dark side of the internet is using our guitar festival to scam musicians….sophisticated fraudulent emails have been sent to many musicians around the globe claiming to be on behalf of the guitar festival and offering a place in our lineup for this years event replacing an artist that cannot attend! These are false and untrue! A ‘Vicky Boss’ is mentioned in the fraudulent message and two of the mail addresses being used are & –

We have discovered that other festivals (much bigger than ours!) too are a victim of this scam & needless to say we have notified the Irish Gardai.

So friends PLEASE! be safe out there in your inboxs! & contact us directly if you have recieved a similar message.

”Beware of false EMAILS , which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves…”

A pubic safety warning from Clonguitarfest….’the little festival that could..’