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 Mick Finns SOLO SHOW
 Friday 21st September, 2018
 9:30pm | Session Trail

 The Galley
 Saturday 22nd September, 2018

Honest songs for honest people. This is the mission statement of Anna’s Anchor, the brainchild of Limerick born musician Marty Ryan, which was created during the summer of 2014. What began as a solo, indie/emo project taking influences from the likes of American Football, Rites of Spring & Fugazi, has since blossomed into a full band affair that has played over 200 shows across 11 countries with a slew of releases including 2016’s debut album Nautical Miles which was released on Struggletown Records.
Anna’s Anchor’s strong DIY ethic and efforts to push the boundaries of creativity was first put on full display in the national eye with the 2015 release entitled “The Islands”. Anna’s Anchor embarked on an eight week journey visiting eight different islands, performing eight memorable gigs, and writing eight unique songs. This was the challenge that brought Marty to some of the remote and harshest environments of Ireland on a song writing adventure like no other. Combining the adventure of touring off the beaten track with writing, recording and releasing a song about the experience each week, this project gained national acclaim in Ireland.

In September 2016, Anna’s Anchor released its debut LP on Struggletown Records (UK) and Never Meant Records (Ire) to critical acclaim. The 10 highly charged songs bearing immense emotional weight have given Anna’s Anchor the chance to tour the album across Ireland, the U.K,mainland Europe & America. As for 2018, with a new album on the way, the road beckons for Marty and his crew as they travel by land, air and sea to ensure everyone hears this fabulous record.

“There’s something inherently beautiful about the work ethic of Anna’s Anchor.” – Already
“There’s something very special about ‘Nautical Miles’. The songs come to life at each turn, and the labour of love that Ryan has poured into Anna’s Anchor shines through.”