Surfside 61

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 The Courtyard
 Sunday 23rd September, 2018
 6:30pm | Session Trail

A celebration of the Post Elvis pre Fab Four instrumental music that inspired a new generation of rock guitarists.

The early 60s was a time of transition in popular music. The rough and ready innovators of the Rock and Roll boom had faded and the charts were dominated by a smoother sound often delivered by manufactured teen idols. This pre Beatles narrow corridor of time was a golden age for instrumental music, particularly guitar bands. The UK gave us The Shadows with no less than 5 number ones between 1960 and ’63 and in the USA there was a host of instrumental bands. In California the sound was called Surf Music. 

SurfSide 61 formed to present the music from this era at The Clonakilty Guitar Festival 2017. Band members: Stephen Housden; Guitar, Matt Churchill; Guitar, George Hart; Bass Guitar and Les Sampson; Drums.


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