Cat Called Dog

 Sunday 24th September, 2017
 10:00pm | Session Trail

“Cat Called Dogs sound is a soothing reassurance of natural blood-pumping ,lug hole piercing, raw-rock that grabs you by the curlies and demands attention”

After struggling to find suitable like minded musicians to help take its vision to the stage Cat Called Dog decided to “just do it” anyway. Stepping out as a duo and immediately making an impact at a number of high profile gigs. Within weeks of live shows the band were invited to play the prestigious 2013 International Guitar Festival in Eire and ended its debut year with a 25 date UK Tour supporting the likes of Enemies, Rook & The Ravens, Evil Blizzard and the Arkanes along with a trip to the studio to work on their debut EP.

The band have dismissed and brushed off initial Lazy comparisons based on the obvious trend setting guitar/drum based duos of the last 10 years by preferring the music do the talking instead.

With a massive but melodic sound that has to be experienced live to be believed and visually stimulating to watch as any of the more fully populated acts around, Cat called Dog know how to deliver the goods