DeBarras Folk Club
 Monday 18th September, 2023
 9:30pm | Session Trail
Price: FREE

David Christy Jones is a 28-year old songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in West Cork, Ireland. Born in Wales to a musical family, he found himself surrounded by musicians playing from a young age. At 7 years old he relocated to Clonakilty, Ireland with his family.

On April 17th, 2021 David released his debut album – the nightmarish and one of a kind ‘Welcome To Virology’. Inspired by the blues and folk stars of old; modern contemporary rock and pop; classical music and the avante-garde – he has taken their recipes and added his own distinct flavour. His style is undoubtedly unique and fresh.

Since 2009, David has been an active and respected session drummer, bassist, guitarist, and vocalist and has played with countless acts across all genres. From jazz, blues, and folk to heavy metal, rap, and country. He has performed in many bands over numerous genres and toured in Europe, The UK, and the USA.

What are people saying about Welcome To Virology?

“The debut album by Cork’s David Christy Jones is as colourful and versatile as the new reality we are still trying to cope with. His debut album is a satiric, serious, and nihilist approach on how to survive this madness.”

“An outstanding mixture of progressive rock, funk, rap and social critique, “Welcome To Virology” is an honest and majestic musical work from Irish eccentric multi-instrumentalist, David Christy Jones. It’s a broad expedition of witty lyrics and unconventional musical composition.” -Lessthan1000followers.com

“This material is an experimental masterpiece by all means.”
-punk-rocker.com”A sound that mixes Funky, Prog Rock and many other musical genres in a unique and original recipe. Lively, innovative songs that manage to keep you on tip of your chair from the first to the last second. A fantastic discovery that I recommend everyone to listen to with an open mind.”

The brilliance of this album is that Jones goes all in. This assuredness and dedication in songwriting is wonderfully refreshing and reaps maximum reward in this instance.
It’s blatantly obvious from this record that we are dealing with an artist who is humming with creative energy and, most importantly, has the conviction to take that creativity to extreme places.