Mick Finn's
 Friday 20th September, 2019
 10:00pm | Session Trail
Price: FREE

David Christy Jones is a 25 year old songwriter and musician based in West Cork, Ireland. Born in Wales to a musical family, he found himself surrounded my musicians playing many styles from a young age. At 7 years old he relocated to Clonakilty, Ireland with his family. Since 2009, Christy has been an active and respected session drummer, and has played with countless acts across all genres. From jazz, blues and folk to heavy metal, rap and country. Later, he attended music college in Cork city and started learning to play guitar and write music. 

Over the last year, he has focused largely on writing and recording his own music and compositions. Inspired by the blues and folk stars of old, he has taken their recipes and added his own distinct flavor. From the modern Americana and roots sound, to the dustbowl blues, his style is unique and fresh. David Christy Jones’ debut EP is due for release later this year, with gigs and videos to follow.