Matty Gordon & Leonard Podolak

 Sunday 18th September, 2016
 7:30pm | Session Trail
Price: FREE

Leonard Podolak has been touring full force for the last 17 years mostly with the bands Scruj Mac Duhk, and then the Juno/Grammy Award winning, Duhks.

He is a critically acclaimed 5-String Claw-hammer banjo player, and is known for putting together wonderful combinations of musicians, often creating a full, but new sound in what ever project he touches.
In the last couple years, since The Duhks have spent less time on the road, Leonard has had a great opportunity to expand his musical endeavor. Now he splits his time playing with The Duhks, Dry Bones, with Nathan Rogers, and Jd Edwards, and this duo with his pal Matt Gordon.
Recently Leonard was invited to take part in The Cecil Sharp Project, which was a collaborative project sponsored by the Shrewsbury Folk Festival. That project gained much acclaim in the UK and international folk press, and provided Leonard with a fabulous introduction to the UK folk circuit.

Matt Gordon has been living in the woodwork of the music business. He’s a great Fiddler, Clogger, Hamboner, and Harmonica player. He toured in the 80s and 90s with the Fiddle Puppet Dancers, taking part in the London debut of Riverdance, and participating in festivals around North America and Europe, with that group.
His CD with Leonard Podolak and their pal Bill Shanley called ‘Three Thin Dimes’ is the first full recorded effort on his part, and although he knows many people in the tribe, and has laid a track or two, on other Cds he has not toured much in the last few years, focusing on his career as a woodworker, and cabinet maker.
Together, Matt, and Leonard put on an exciting evening of Old-Time traditional fiddle and Banjo Music. They also clog, and do Hambone.