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 Friday 21st September, 2018
 6:00pm | Session Trail
Price: FREE

 Saturday 22nd September, 2018
 Sunday 23rd September, 2018
 9:00pm | Session Trail
Morgan O’ Kane plays banjo like no other. Originally hailing from Virginia; O’ Kane currently resides in Brooklyn when he is not on tour, where he sometimes plays in the subway and on the street. The music is “to bluegrass and old timey what punk was to rock in the late seventies”. Deeply steeped in old traditions, O’ Kane treats the banjo differently than you’ve heard it before and brings a punk sensibility to his music.
His songs are raw, his singing game and his game on both banjo and mandolin at once are inventive and very energetic. With the necessary helping hand services Ferd Moyse of the Hackensaw Boys on fiddle,  Ezekiel Healy on dobro and JR Hankins on flugelhorn.
Morgan O’ Kane has released 3 full length studio albums to date. Aside from performing live and recording, Morgan has had multiple television and film placements. He has been featured and appeared in the FX TV show “Louie” (Louie C.K’s comedy drama) and wrote the theme song for WGN’s “Outsiders”.