Post Punk Podge & the Techno Hippies

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 DeBarra's Folk Club
 Saturday 17th September, 2022
 11:00pm | Session Trail
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Post Punk Podge & The Technohippiesis a figment of punk and the post’s collective imagination in the form of a singer/rapper/musician from Limerick, Ireland. An accomplished violinist, Podge’s goal is to turn the brown envelope from a symbol of corruption, deception and greed into one of self-expression, defiance and laughter.

Accompanied by his sidekicks Dr. Asparagus Montague and DJ Carey and Mr. The Boom is Back, they are stirring things up in their native Ireland with their own sound, a blend of punk, electronic, krautrock, techno, irish traditional music, hip hop and classical. October 2017 saw Podge collaborated on the Stark Raving EP with NaIve Ted, as well as release the debut Post Punk Podge and The Technohippies EP Kick Against The Pricks, a month later. 2018 saw even further collaborations with Jimmy Penguin on his Savages EP, as well as thesingle ‘Home is Where the Heart Bleeds’, which raised money for the Novas homeless charity in Limerick.

2019 has seen a single ‘Government Security’ in January, ‘Post Millennium Tension EP’ in February. Collaborations with Craic Boi Mental, Liv 3 and DJ BleakStack to name but a few.

They released‘Transmissions from the G.P.O.’ aninstrumental mixtape on the Unscene labelat the end of 2019. Which showed many other styles to their sound including funk and ambient.

They released their album ‘Euphoric Recall’ in 2021 toc critical acclaim coming in at number 9 in the Thin Air’s end of year list. Things are only getting started for Podge and the band. These highly acclaimed releases have helped them build a firm following and become one of Ireland’s most exciting bands.