‘We want the impact of our festival to continue to reverberate throughout Clonakilty reaching those most marginalised in our community, We ALL are guitar town’

‘Reverb’ incorporates the educational and community outreach programme that runs parallel with the Clonakilty International Guitar Festival. It ensures that the effects of the festival are experienced by as diverse a selection of our community as possible. You may not hear Reverb, but you’ll definitely feel its effects! The main festival caters to a general audience and takes place in a range of venues across the town. However, there are members of the community who are unable to access these events, for a variety of reasons. The ‘Reverb’ programme brings artists and facilitators directly in contact with these groups so they don’t have to miss out.

Our educational programme brings artists directly into the schools where the future stars of our festival are waiting. This year will see Eoghain O Ceannabhain, Yonder Boys, The Busquitos and more visiting local schools.

We aim to facilitate meaningful artistic participation for a diverse group of people with the ultimate aim of empowering members of the community who are sometimes marginalised. The groups include residents of the Community Hospital, Care Choice nursing home and Bushmount nursing home; residents of the Direct Provisions centre; and clients of the Irish Wheelchair association and CoAction Clonakilty and more. Special guest Liz Clark of The Kates will be visiting local nursing homes as part of Reverb.

Full list of REVERB events coming soon….