Guitartown Ballad Tour with Sean Fitzgerald

 Astna Square
 Friday 16th September, 2022
 5:00pm | Session Trail
Price: Free

 Astna Square
 Saturday 17th September, 2022
 Astna Square
 Saturday 17th September, 2022
 2:30pm | Session Trail

Think you know Clonakilty? wait till you’ve seen it through the eyes and songs of ballad master Seán Fitzgerald. Seán paid a research visit to Clonakilty this summer, soaking in the historical tales and urban legends that spring from every corner of every street. He returns now with a batch of new songs inspired by those stories, and will lead a walking/singing tour of Clonakilty that will be both enlightening and enlivening!

Tours are free of charge and begin from Astna Square at the following times:

  • Friday 16th – 5pm
  • Saturday 17th – 12noon & 2:30pm
  • Sunday 18th – 1:30pm


Ballad Tours Dublin singer Sean Fitzgerald gives musical tours around the historical landmarks of Dublin. Sean Fitzgerald also has recently set the poetry of Seumas O’ Kelly to music and Sean recorded the songs recently as The Connacht Peep Show.