Transmission Club

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 Saturday 17th September, 2016
 5:00pm | Session Trail


“They’re a five-piece from Cork, and they make damn good tunes”
– Dan Hegarty, 2FM

Transmission Club are a five piece indie band from Cork, Ireland. Transmission Club’s diverse sonic palette combines elements of indie, folk and grunge, textured with harmonium, violin, keyboards, guitars, drum machines and loops.

Recording takes place in bedrooms and living rooms around Ireland, allowing for songs to be captured on the spur of the moment – sometimes freshly-written – and giving the music a raw, untrammelled feel.

In late 2015, Transmission Club released Salt, an E.P collection of demos. Salt gained airplay from the likes of Dan Hegarty, 2fm and Paul McLoone, Today fm. Salt was also voted no.1 in The Last Mixed Tape’s Reader’s E.P of the Year 2015 Poll.

“Salt works as a solid introduction into Transmission Club’s music,” said TLMT, “but the most exciting aspect is how this sound expands in the future.”

Salt was again recently nominated for E.P of the Year 2016 by Pure M. The band are currently beginning to record their follow up to Salt and hope to release it at the end of the year.