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CIGF joins Green Festivals Pilot Programme 2022

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Clonakilty International Guitar Festival has embarked on a new Cork County Council pilot programme to support the greening of festivals in the county.

Joined by festival organisers from Youghal Medieval Festival and Timoleague Harvest Festival in a Cork County Council funded initiative, the programme will include training workshops, virtual support sessions and in person support at each of the festivals to assist in the implementation of environmentally friendly initiatives.

The aim of the Green Festivals Pilot Programme is to enable waste reduction at festivals throughout the county and help to support festival organisers in meeting sustainability goals.

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The Festival Will Be Televised

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This year there will be a new version of Clonakilty International Guitar Festival for the new version of the world we find ourselves in.

This year’s event, our 16th annual festival, will be completely online. But we are still bringing the same high quality and eclectic line-up that’s come to characterise our festival.

There will be Live-streamed concerts from DeBarras Folk Club featuring Jinx Lennon, Greenshine, Wayward Folk , Maija Sofia and more.

We have also been busy in recent weeks filming prerecorded sets in iconic Clonakilty venues from artists, such as Bill Shanley, Eve Clague, Míde Houlihan, Jim Murray and ADT. We will also digitally premiere shows from many of the artists that we had hoped to bring to you in the flesh this September, as well as some exclusive interviews including Folk Musician & Poet Roy Harper in conversation with award winning author David Mitchell.

All our online concerts have been prepared in compliance with necessary health & safety protocols to bring you an exciting digital experience for this year’s event.

On top of all that, we have delved into the CIGF archives to present some highlights of the first 15 years of our festival’s history.

Alas the traditional guitar fest experience – a stroll through beautiful Clonakilty to see your next favourite band and meet your newest best friend – just isn’t physically possible this year.

Of course nothing beats the live experience of a bass drum kicking you in the throat, the sharp sting of sweat in your eyes from a hungry mosh pit or the existential joy of leaning in at an acoustic show to hear artists whisper truths in still moments. But this year’s festival will continue the sheer energy of our artistic community, its spirit of resilience, adaptability, creativity, and humour.

As ever,  we could not present our festival without the huge efforts of our technical teams. These are the people behind the scenes that help soundtrack the best moments of our lives. We stand in solidarity with all the artists, tech and events crews in the music industry who have been out of work since March, with no sign of regular work resuming. 

The festival will be televised!

Welcome to Guitartown.



Jinx Lennon (IRL)

Greenshine (IRL)

Bill Shanley Band (IRL/UK)

Ava Archbold (IRL)

Cam Cole (UK)

Wayward Folk (IRL)

Richard Gilewitz (US)

The Kates (IRL/US)

Bicurious (IRL)

Humbird (US)


Maija Sofia (IRL)

Matty Gordon & Friends (US/IRL)

Dea Matrona (N.IRL)

Jim Murray (IRL)

Mide Houlihan (IRL)

Roy Harper (UK)

The Church (UK/IRL)

Paula K O Brien & Friends (IRL)

David Christy Jones (IRL/UK)

Sister Ghost -acoustic-(N.IRL)

Matty Gordon & Friends (US/IRL)

Paula Bilá (ESP)

Rawney (IRL)

Eve Clague (IRL)

David Mitchell (UK)

The Point of Everything (IRL)

Éadaoin Costley (IRL)

The Clague Brothers (IRL/UK)

Kulini (IRL)

Eugene Brosnan (IRL)

Jenny McNamara (IRL)

Stephen Housden (AU)

Jeff Ward & Friends (UK)

Dukkha (IRL)

Armoured Bear (IRL)

Breakfast with the Inkspots (YOU)

& more…

Internet Scam claiming to be from Clon Guitarfest

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its been brought to our attention that the dark side of the internet is using our guitar festival to scam musicians….sophisticated fraudulent emails have been sent to many musicians around the globe claiming to be on behalf of the guitar festival and offering a place in our lineup for this years event replacing an artist that cannot attend! These are false and untrue! A ‘Vicky Boss’ is mentioned in the fraudulent message and two of the mail addresses being used are & –

We have discovered that other festivals (much bigger than ours!) too are a victim of this scam & needless to say we have notified the Irish Gardai.

So friends PLEASE! be safe out there in your inboxs! & contact us directly if you have recieved a similar message.

”Beware of false EMAILS , which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves…”

A pubic safety warning from Clonguitarfest….’the little festival that could..’

CIGF19 First Wave..

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soon we will unearth the first treasures of Clonakilty International Guitar festival 2019….

there will be guitars…..

……many many guitars …

..& other beautiful instruments….

16th – 22nd of September….#guitartown is calling you…




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soon we will be living in the future

and it will be Clon guitar fest 2019..

the dates are the 16th -22nd of September

join us ……

CIGF18 Line up announced

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its happening again…
but this time its bigger & longer…
the festival will become a week long event –
We’ve invited The World Famous Footsbarn Travelling Theatre Company to town…
& we’ve a beautiful new Venue -Their Big Top Circus Tent –



Please Sign up to our new mailing list…

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Clon guitar fest have just set up a new mailing list at our website – please sign up asap so we can harvest your details and sell them to massive corporations before the onset of the new GDPR legislation…….
….big news coming soon….

CIGF18 – details coming soon…

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Hello friends…
Details for this years Clonakilty International Guitar Festival will be coming very soon….
Keep your eyes peeled and your mouse hovering on ……