Andrew Whelton

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After beginning guitar 6 years ago it wasn’t until lockdown that Andrew really began to drive forward with the instrument learning new songs and playing styles over this period of time. This, combined with growing live performance experience gigging in Limerick, DeBarras and trad sessions in Ardfield under the watchful eyes of Jim Murray & CIGF co- organiser Kevin McNally has him ear marked as one to watch for the future.
Andrew’s delicate finger picking and interpretation of modern pop through the lens of classic folk is a welcome addition to the burgeoning West Cork Musical scene …
oh, he’s not afraid to drive it on either when the moments required!


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Ursidae are a West-Coast musical collective centered on lead singer and guitarist Dónal Tuipéar. The band features a revolving lineup of musicians from the four corners of the country who help bring Dónal’s fighter pilot approach to songwriting to life. Driven by infectious-ramshackle energy, Ursidae are the self-proclaimed West-Coast Stewards of charming indie-folk-rock.

Ringo: Music Bingo

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1, 2, 3, 4! Get ready for Ringo: Music Music, the world’s greatest music-intro-comedy-game-not-quiz. It’s bingo with bands instead of numbers, with incredible clues and sometimes incredulous jokes. Fun for all the family, it’s a hit at festivals, venues, bars and weddings. Ronan gives you the sheet and you tick them off as you go.

What do you call it when you bring a book into the toilet? Lou Reed

When the lead singer of The Police dies will we call him Stung?
What did John Lennon sing when he was very happy with this new haircut? Love Me Do


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‘We want the impact of our festival to continue to reverberate throughout Clonakilty reaching those most marginalised in our community, We ALL are guitar town’

‘Reverb’ incorporates the educational and community outreach programme that runs parallel with the Clonakilty International Guitar Festival. It ensures that the effects of the festival are experienced by as diverse a selection of our community as possible. You may not hear Reverb, but you’ll definitely feel its effects! The main festival caters to a general audience and takes place in a range of venues across the town. However, there are members of the community who are unable to access these events, for a variety of reasons. The ‘Reverb’ programme brings artists and facilitators directly in contact with these groups so they don’t have to miss out.

Our educational programme brings artists directly into the schools where the future stars of our festival are waiting. This year will see Xylouris White, Andy Irvine, and Yasmin Williams visiting local schools.

We aim to facilitate meaningful artistic participation for a diverse group of people with the ultimate aim of empowering members of the community who are sometimes marginalised. The groups include residents of the Community Hospital, Care Choice nursing home and Bushmount nursing home; residents of the Direct Provisions centre; and clients of the Irish Wheelchair association and CoAction Clonakilty and more. Special guest Liz Clark of The Kates will be visiting local nursing homes as part of Reverb.


Below are a list of the events open to the public:

Saturday 10th – 1pm  Spiller’s Lane – workshop ‘Learn a Song with the Kates’ Free

Monday 12th – 2pm – Michael Collins Mural on Kent st – performance Eugene Brosnan Free

Thursday 15th – 2pm – Biodiversity Park, Western Road – performance Dominick Whelton Free

Friday 16th – 5pm – Astna Square – GuitarTown Ballad Tour with Seán Fitzgerald – free but limited numbers

Saturday 17th – 11am – Playground (next to Scoil na mBuachaillí) – performance Fir Beag – fundraiser for playground improvement

Saturday 17th –  12noon- Shanleys, Connolly st -workshop George Lowden – Getting the best from your guitar – how set up seriously affects how your guitar sounds and plays – Free

Saturday 17th – 12 noon & 2:30pm – Astna Square – GuitarTown Ballad Tour with Seán Fitzgerald – free but limited numbers

Saturday 17th – 1pm – Clonakilty Youth Centre (Deasy’s Car Park)  -workshop  Zinester Ghost: Sister Ghost’s Zine Workshop – Free but booking required see ‘Tickets gigs’

Sunday 18th – 11am – Stop Look Listen: Outdoor Listening Party – Free

Sunday 18th – 1:30pm – Astna Square – GuitarTown Ballad Tour with Seán Fitzgerald – free but limited numbers

Sunday 18th – 5pm -Clonakilty Resource Centre (western road) – John Spillane Songwriting Workshop – €10 see ‘Ticketed gigs’


Dankenstoned’s Bongster

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Forged in furious fires of The Lockdown, Dankenstoned’s Bongster engulf their audience in a tsunami of squidgy stoner sludge. Blending the gnarliest riffs in the vein of Primus and Black Sabbath with the scariest moments of the no wave punk movement to create their own crude Krunkrock. 

You don’t want to miss these bowl tokin, spliff smokin son o’ guns lest you live to regret it.

Spar Bridge

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Spar Bridge is a three piece band from Clonakilty, west Cork.


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HARP are a 4 piece band of 18 year olds from Skibbereen, Rosscarbery and Clonakilty. Influenced by post punk and indie rock, their gigs are always sure to be captivating.


Mathew Noone

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Matthew Noone is an Australian-Irish ex-indie rocker, improviser, composer and performer of the 25 stringed lute called sarode. After beginning his musical career as a guitarist and drummer in Brisbane and Sydney in the mid 90s, Matthew fell in love with the sarode during a trip to India in 2003. He has studied North Indian Classical music for over a decade with Sougata Roy Chowdhury in Kolkata and more recently with UK based sarodiya, K. Sridhar. He has performed Indian classical music across the globe and composes in a diverse range of disciplines ranging from Irish traditional music, free improvisation and contemporary electroacoustic music.

Strange Angels

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Strange Angels

Featuring Jeff Ward: Guitar. (Iron Pig, White Lightning, Mournblade, Ragged Boys, The Barrelhouse Brothers…)

Jeff began his musical career in the underground Heavy Metal band IRON PIG, during the NWOBHM era of 1979. The band recorded three demos, one of which was playlisted by Geoff Barton of Sounds and played some high profile gigs, including Guildford University and London`s Marquee Club, before calling it a day in the summer of 1980.

In 1981 he formed THE HOLLOW with IRON PIG vocalist, Graham Dundas. This band had a more folky/prog rock feel and recorded a limited edition cassette only album Winter in 1982. In 1984, he reunited with former IRON PIG members Simon Pengilly and Gerald Goff , along with former STATIC and ICEMON vocalist, Noel Jones in the ambitious metal band WHITE LIGHTNING. This line up recorded the ultra rare 7 inch single THIS POISON FOUNTAIN, financed by the band themselves. They continued to gig and after the acquisition of their own multi track recording equipment, they recorded more demos.

In the summer of 1985, with WHITE LIGHTNING on hold, Jeff joined the cult Space Rock band MOURNBLADE. They recorded the album TIME’S RUNNING OUT for Flicknife Records, home of HAWKWIND and gigged continuously throughout the year, still finding time to record the unreleased mini-album EIN HELDENTRAUM.

In 1986 , Jeff reformed WHITE LIGHTNING , bringing Richard Max Goddard from MOURNBLADE on Bass. This line up recorded the self financed album AS MIDNIGHT APPROACHES. With rave reviews and the patronage of DJ TOMMY VANCE, who played every track on his legendary FRIDAY ROCK SHOW, the band were signed by Workshop Records, who re-issued the album in larger quantities in 1988. In 1990, guitarist Simon Pengilly was replaced by John Storey and WHITE LIGHTNING proceeded to lay down tracks for the album PARADISE AT A PRICE at Woodcray Studios in Berkshire, where BLACK SABBATH had just recorded their TYR album. More high profile gigs followed including support slots to Japanese HM band VOW WOW and MEAT LOAF. With the album in the can and things looking rosy, Workshop Records folded and the master tapes dissappeared. Thus bringing the WHITE LIGHTNING story to an ignoble close.1991 was spent mostly in the studio working on various projects, including THE COMPLETE WORKS by SKELETON CREW, an album that started a long association with PAUL KING and COLIN EARL from the original MUNGO JERRY line up.

In 1992, Jeff was asked to join the RAGGED BOYS a Blues edged rock band signed to London based Timbuktu Records. An album was recorded and a single RAT TAT (WHO ARE YOU) was released with a video to promote it.

In 1993, Jeff relocated to Co. Cork in Ireland to begin setting up an independent music production company, licensing music to various labels and TV companies around the world, including the ITV coverage of the Bruno/Tyson fight and two further releases with PAUL KING, the solo cd HOUDINI`S MOON and THE MILL IS GONE by THE KING EARL BOOGIE BAND, both on the A New Day label. Jeff also appeared with legendary DJ BOB HARRIS, as guests of THE KING EARL BOOGIE BAND at the 1996 Cropredy festival. During his stay in Ireland, Jeff met NOEL REDDING, bassist with THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE and regularly jammed with him at the famous Friday night sessions in De Barra`s, Clonakilty. An album`s worth of new material was recorded , but due to contractual difficulties, it remains unreleased.

However, tracks were laid down for a proposed Blues album that eventually surfaced in 2002 on the Dutch based Provogue label as PICK IT UP, PASS IT ON by THE BARRELHOUSE BROTHERS and also featured contributions from ERIC BELL (THIN LIZZY), JOHN COGHLAN (STATUS QUO), DAVID JACKSON (VAN DER GRAF GENERATOR) amongst others. During this time, Jeff also recorded an album for folk legend and West Cork resident, ROY HARPER. THE DREAM SOCIETY, considered by many to be Roy`s finest album in years, also featured Roy`s son, NICK HARPER, top session drummer, SMILEY (JOE STRUMMER/ROBBIE WILLIAMS) and IAN ANDERSON from JETHRO TULL on flute. Jeff also engineered some tracks for CORKY LAING (MOUNTAIN) and ERIC SCHENKEMAN (SPIN DOCTORS) collectively known as CORK, for their album OUT THERE.

Jeff returned to his native West London in 2003 to record an album with Legendary Folk/Blues chanteuse DORRIS HENDERSON. The resulting album HERE I GO AGAIN was released to great critical acclaim and reunited her with JOHN RENBOURN, with whom she had recorded in the 60`s. A further album was recorded with her backing band, THE COHORTS, before her sad death in March 2005.

After Dorris`s death , Jeff teamed up with fellow COHORT, MAC McGANN, who has also worked with RALPH McTELL, BEVERLEY MARTYN and McGUINNESS FLINT, for the acoustic blues album and recent BLUESTONE RECORDINGS release, ALL CHANGE.

Les Sampson: Drums (Noel Redding Band, Clonakilty Cowboys, Road, Stray Dog, Gas)

This veteran British rock drummer has drummed not only in Road — a band and not something a touring band drives around on — but in Gas as well, again a band and not what the band needs in order to do the aforementioned driving, nor what some members might find themselves suffering from after another greasy meal on the road with Road. The Road that recorded in the early ’70s at the Record Plant in Los Angeles was a Noel Redding project, Gas not. Sampson‘s other experiences with Redding, famed original bassist from the Jimi Hendrix Experience, include Ramatamand the Clonakilty Cowboys. Sampson relocated to West Cork, Ireland, to be closer to Redding and his projects, and may have had an even more sympathetic musical relationship with the unique guitarist and bassist than the better-known Mitchell.

The drummer also worked in Stray Dog, a trio formed in the ’70s with two American musicians. The combo was given an energetic production and promotional push by Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Gas, like more than a few of Sampson‘s collaborations, was a heavy power trio featuring bassist Dell Vickers and guitarist and vocalist Donnie Burke. Song co-writing credits for the drummer pop up here and there with these various groups, such as the helpful “I Would” and the freaky “Mushroom Man.”

Jerome Rimson: Bass (Van Morrison, Phil Lynott , Steve Winwood, Aretha Franklin,Freddie Mercury, The Detroit Spinners….)

Jerome Rimson (the Detroit Hit Man) from Bad Boy Blues is familiar as an impeccable – 10 years playing with Van Morrison, bass player with Phil Lynott after the Thin Lizzy days and roving musician with the likes of Steve Winwood and Aretha Franklin.

Jerome, who was born in Detroit, lived just down the road from Aretha Franklin

He has had the honour of performing with many of the world’s most renowned people in the music business, as well as recording classic albums with Buddy Guy & Junior Wells, Eddie Cleanhead Vincent and the late great Muddy Waters. The Hitman has recorded with modern blues giants Steve Winwood & Van Morrisson, rock legends Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Phil Lynott, Ginger Baker, Alvin Lee and jazz artists Al Jarreau & Al Di Mieola and not forgetting The Detroit Spinners.

Michael McGovern

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Michael McGovern is a 25 year old singer / songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland. From picking up the guitar as a child and writing songs from an early age, Michael has defined his folk sound in the thriving music scene in his hometown.

His forthcoming debut album, ‘Highfield Suite’, is a summation of his work since he began writing songs as a teenager. The music mirrors this period of life, focusing primarily on friendship, love, regret and reconciling with your mistakes.

The album prominently features a nylon string fingerpicking guitar, and expansive vocal harmonies. Tipping its hat to some of Michaels great inspirations from Leonard Cohen, to Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Springsteen and Fleet Foxes.

In 2019 Michael released a live single “The Harbour”, with his folk duo Between Brothers.He went on to play four sold out shows in Glasgow, including at the prestigious Celtic Connections festival as a debutant, as well as a Sofar Sounds performance. Michael then went on to perform at Maui Waui Festival in Suffolk, and along with regular weekly performances is building up a loyal following. 

Since the pandemic brought an end to live performance, Michael spent much of 2020 in isolation recording this album. The majority being recorded into a single microphone in a small wooden cabin in Ireland.

The tracks were then expanded alongside Dublin-based producer Bill Shanley (Cauldron Music), engineered by Andrew Holdsworth, and mastered by Denis Blackham (Skye Mastering), who put the finishing touches to this collection of songs.