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Craic Boi Mental

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Craic Boi Mental – rapper, producer and activist from Cork City, with a knack for lo-fi production and an innate ear for an inescapable hook.

His relentless work ethic and deeply idiosyncratic style have built him a Cult following worldwide. Now he’s fresh off the back of his sold Out US tour & looking forward to performing once again for his Irish fans.

A Burial At Sea

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In a genre defined by self-seriousness, A Burial At Sea are the outsiders of the outsiders. The usual rock n’ roll setup of guitar, bass, drums is bolstered by a mini two-man horn section, which has resulted in the band to be labeled as “trumpet-core” and “post-rock mariachi”.

Gwenifer Raymond

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Gwenifer Raymond began playing guitar at the age of eight shortly after having been first exposed to punk and grunge. After years of playing around the Welsh valleys in various punk outfits she began listening more to pre-war blues musicians as well as Appalachian folk players, eventually leading into the guitar players of the American Primitive genre.

In 2018 she signed to the American label ‘Tompkins Square’ and released her first album ‘You Never Were Much of a Dancer’ to widespread acclaim. In 2020 her second album ‘Strange Lights Over Garth Mountain’ shifted somewhat from straight Americana and started to take more of a spiritual influence from the landscape of her homeland of Wales. Recalling from her childhood memories of spooky trees, black against the grey sky and breath misting in cold air there is present a style of guitar playing that could be referred to as ‘Welsh Primitive’.

Gwenifer has toured extensively throughout the UK and the Europe and has established herself as one of the leading lights of the scene, and not to be missed under any circumstances.


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“Obnoxious noise fuelled punk for the dance floors.” – Birthday Cake For Breakfast

“Half of Thank’s songs feel like Hulk hands punching upward and the other half are akin to smashing dinner plates out of sheer frustration.” – Treble Zine

“This Leeds band pairs brawny arrangements with furious, bug-eyed vocals.” – Bandcamp Daily

The Busquitos

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The Busquitos are an energetic and versatile entertainment all-genre swing quartet (guitar, saxophone, violin, bass/vocals) for all ages. They play their music and improvisations with astonishing ease and contagious joy, actively involving the listeners in the show. With an eclectic repertoire ranging from the Roaring Twenties to modern pop hits, The Busquitos perform a mix of Hot Club, Jazz, Country, Rock & Roll, and more. Their songs include hits from Django Reinhardt, Louis Prima, Sonny Rollins, Irving Berlin, and even recognizable TV tunes like those of Benny Hill and Walt Disney. The band also writes and performs their own catchy and hilarious songs. The Busquitos are known for their ability to connect with the audience and get them involved in the show. They mingle with the crowd, spontaneously start line dances and limbo contests, and even play serenades. Their performances are a surprising mix of humor and great music, leaving audiences unable to sit still. The band has recorded several albums and has performed at festivals across Europe and beyond, earning international recognition for their lively and entertaining shows. Join Jelle Van Tongeren on violin, Thomas Streutgers on saxophone, Lex Reerink on guitar, and Matthieu Cleijne on bass/vocals for a fun-filled and unforgettable musical journey full of laughter, surprises, and great music.


They will be all over town: Catch them at the following gigs:

Thurs 8pm Scannells

Fri 6pm DeBarras

Sat 10pm The Courtyard

Sunday 4pm Astna Aquare


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girlfriend. is a 5 piece band making visceral and emotional alternative rock music. Formed in 2015, the band began as a noisy emo-rock band playing shows in the local North Dublin area. They recorded their debut 5 track EP ‘3AM Rituals’ as teens in the drummer’s spare room. This EP was met with acclaim by DIY music groups, and thrust them into the Irish music scene where they paved their way as lo-fi rockers. The release of the singles ‘Spitkissing/Small Smile Grow’ in 2018 cemented their vital presence as experimental and impassioned musicians in the local music community.

Since their first releases, the band has played countless shows across the country – including opening slots for high profile acts such as Pillow Queens, The Garden and Dream Wife – and now have numerous festival slots under their name such as Electric Picnic and Other Voices.

The quartet’s sound has evolved and matured alongside them since their early days, veering now towards noise rock tinged slowcore. Their songs examine themes of intimacy, identity, and trauma in post-catholic Ireland and frequently showcase a deep appreciation for subtlety, physical space and catharsis. The band attempts to channel the chaos of the world around them into heartfelt, passionate nuanced rock music.

girlfriend.’s highly anticipated debut album was recorded in Orphan Studios, Wexford and Hellfire Studios, Dublin at the beginning of 2022. Produced by Peter Ashmore (Pillow Queens, Villagers, For Those I Love, We Cut Corners), their debut album will be released late 2023. The band made an explosive return to the live music circuit in 2022, with highlights including selling out their Cork debut headline show, headlining Feile na Greine festival in Limerick and supporting acclaimed U.S. band Mannequin Pussy on the Irish leg of their tour. They released their grunge rock single “Repent” in December 2022 before a headline sold out show at the Workman’s Cellar in January 2023. In March they released the shoegaze inspired ‘Trust’ to fan and critical acclaim.



Andrew Whelton

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After beginning guitar 6 years ago it wasn’t until lockdown that Andrew really began to drive forward with the instrument learning new songs and playing styles over this period of time. This, combined with growing live performance experience gigging in Limerick, DeBarras and trad sessions in Ardfield under the watchful eyes of Jim Murray & CIGF co- organiser Kevin McNally has him ear marked as one to watch for the future.
Andrew’s delicate finger picking and interpretation of modern pop through the lens of classic folk is a welcome addition to the burgeoning West Cork Musical scene …


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Ursidae are a West-Coast musical collective centered on lead singer and guitarist Dónal Tuipéar. The band features a revolving lineup of musicians from the four corners of the country who help bring Dónal’s fighter pilot approach to songwriting to life. Driven by infectious-ramshackle energy, Ursidae are the self-proclaimed West-Coast Stewards of charming indie-folk-rock.


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‘We want the impact of our festival to continue to reverberate throughout Clonakilty reaching those most marginalised in our community, We ALL are guitar town’

‘Reverb’ incorporates the educational and community outreach programme that runs parallel with the Clonakilty International Guitar Festival. It ensures that the effects of the festival are experienced by as diverse a selection of our community as possible. You may not hear Reverb, but you’ll definitely feel its effects! The main festival caters to a general audience and takes place in a range of venues across the town. However, there are members of the community who are unable to access these events, for a variety of reasons. The ‘Reverb’ programme brings artists and facilitators directly in contact with these groups so they don’t have to miss out.

Our educational programme brings artists directly into the schools where the future stars of our festival are waiting. This year will see Eoghain O Ceannabhain, Yonder Boys, The Busquitos and more visiting local schools.

We aim to facilitate meaningful artistic participation for a diverse group of people with the ultimate aim of empowering members of the community who are sometimes marginalised. The groups include residents of the Community Hospital, Care Choice nursing home and Bushmount nursing home; residents of the Direct Provisions centre; and clients of the Irish Wheelchair association and CoAction Clonakilty and more. Special guest Liz Clark of The Kates will be visiting local nursing homes as part of Reverb.

Full list of REVERB events coming soon….